I read this quote some days back and felt it was so appropriate….

"You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it." — Edith Head.

Edith Head clearly knew it all along.  Dressing up or down is so important and is the key to getting things in life…

We all like to dress and yes, that is a universal fact.  However, not most of us know how to dress and by that I mean, appropriately.  We have all seen people dressed up in “ill fitted trousers”, wrong color combinations, unsuitable ties, dresses not appropriate for the occasion, bold and jarring which doesn’t suit you, etc. etc.

Dressing is an Art.  Here are a few thoughts that I want to share with you.  Please bear this in mind while getting dressed for an occasion, the next time…

The OccasionIt is extremely important to remember what is the occasion.  Do bear in mind that different occasions deserve different dresses or styles.  An occasion could be Happy, Sad, momentous, crazy etc. but for each one of them, you need to come up with a different dress.  So, the next time you open your ward robe for selecting an outfit, please think about the occasion and let the Occasion drive your selection of Dress or Outfit.   Occasionally, wearing a Designer Tie is a great idea to make a first and lasting impression. Have you ever tried wearing a “Bow Tie for an evening out?.  Trust me, you will blow the person away.

Colors Important to note that different times of the day warrant different colors.  Typically black goes well during the evening times or night occasions.  Similarly, when you are attending a sad occasion, stick to White or Black.  A lot of people in and around ASIA stick to White while attending such occasions, whereas in the West, it is mostly Black.  Take that extra effort to change into something appropriate.  Remember, the people at such events are in a different frame of mind and you don’t want to upset them.

Sizes Yes, we all have those clothes or outfits that we liked and picked up, which was one size big or one size small.  While you may have bulging biceps and good chests, it is not Stylish to display it, especially if you are not going to the Gym.  :-)  Loose clothes are good for sleeping, but not when you are stepping out to meet somebody or going for an event.  Avoid ill-fitting clothes.  I understand that we do pick up clothes that are not fitting well since they are on Sale, but please “no ill-fitting” please.  I don’t mean that your clothes have to be perfect, but surely they should not be two sizes big or a size and half small. :-)

Who are you meeting  Very important to bear the audience in mind. Just as you would, for a presentation you are about to make or a talk you are about to deliver, Audience is an important factor for dressing up. 

If you are meeting your boss, you need to dress up differently, than if you were meeting your colleague or going for an interview or meeting a prospective employer…When you go for an interview, be as formal as you can(suits are not compulsory, but a jacket is always helpful).  Wear a formal tie that goes well with your shirt or trouser.  Make sure your shoes are polished, clothes ironed etc. 

When you are going to meet your boss, after office, you should select a smart ‘evening-out’ shirt with cotton trousers/Chinos and nice casual shoes.  Shorts are a sure NO-NO.  If you are going to meet your colleague, then you can pick any outfit of your choice, no worries.  But again, if you are going to a fine dining restaurant, you want to bear that in mind and not wear slippers. :-)

So, the next time you open your wardrobe, remember the above……and most importantly…

“Remember, you can have anything in life, if you dress for it”. 


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well written and totally agree that dressing up is the key to sucess


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