A man should look as if he had bought his clothes with intelligence, put them on with care and then forgotten all about them.” Hardy Amies

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When I read the above quote, it immediately struck me as to the depth of this sentence.  So, let us dive deeper into the quote and try to decipher what Hardy is trying to say…

 First part – “A man should look as if he had bought his clothes with intelligence..”- Absolutely true.  This means that when you go shopping or you buy clothes for yourself, apply intelligence (not the nerdy kind thoughJ).  Intelligence that tells you what is Right and What is good and what will suit you.  You need to be able to know this for sure.  In the absence of not knowing, skip the shoppingJ. Or better, ask someone else to shop for you J.  It is better if they also pay for it!

So, when you are in a shop and are making up your mind on what to buy for yourself, please allow your mind to think straight and be able to think with your heart. 

Second part – “put them on with care..” – So, now that you have used your intelligence in buying yourself some good clothes or just one, the next thing is to make sure you wear them with care or you put them on with care or you dress yourself up with care.  Clearly,  if you do not observe this, then you are insulting your intelligence with which you bought your clothes.  And you do not want to do that..

Putting them on with care means paying attention to what you are wearing.  Let’s take the example of a Tie here.  Let us say you picked up a nice tie for yourself with your intelligence, now the time has come for you to wear the tie.  Here is where you pick the right combination of clothes to wear them with.  So the Tie has to complement your shirt, trouser or even Suit or a blazer.  This is where your care comes in.  Care should go into picking the right combination to wear. 

I would go one step further and add…Pick the right occasion too.  Here also, you need to use Care.  If you don’t then the whole purpose is defeated and also the “insulting your intelligence” bit kicks in. 

So next time, remember to put your clothes on with Care. They need it and you deserve it!

 Third part – “and then forgotten all about them” – When you have invested in the first part (intelligence) and worked your way through your second part(care), then the third part which is “forget” comes naturally and you will shine your way through. This part is what clearly completes the package of leading you to a “Well dressed Man”.  The part where onlookers say, “Wow, so this is what they mean by Clothes maketh the Man”.

 So you finally have an equation:-

 Intelligence + Care = Well Dressed!

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