Andromeda Fashions is your ultimate PLACE for a Designer Tie Fashion Accessory collection.   We at Andromeda Fashions promise to introduce you to a unique collection of Ties, Bow Ties, Pocket Squares, Scarves, Cufflinks and Accessories.

Andromeda sets the bar by offering an unparalleled selection of designs in Men’s Ties paired with unmatched service. We launch new products every month to keep you on top of the latest styles right through the season, and we work hard to deliver them to you with the best delivery options around, plus risk-free returns. 

We are continually investing in technology, talent and innovation to push the boundaries of e-commerce to give you the best online shopping experience

At Andromeda, we are not afraid to supersede the status quo and innovate. We believe that the best cultures are Fun, Infectious, Electric, Ambitious and Tenacious;  and the outcome of all that - a daily mission to make shopping a dream for you. 

Men's ties are the sartorial difference maker. 


Andromeda will be remembered as the “Star Wars” of the Fashion Accessory Industry.

Through Design innovations, we will push the boundaries of Smart and Bold dressing


To be the first choice of consumers globally, when it comes to Bold and Iconic Accessory Designs and encourage “Wearing your Attitude” approach.