Corporate Orders

Majority of businesses around the world abide by company uniform policies that represent their high levels of professionalism in their industry. From emergency services, department stores, restaurants to small businesses, uniforms help these organizations and companies stand out from the crowd. At Andromeda Fashions, your company has the chance to differentiate itself from others in the same industry by creating a custom uniform tie!

Company ties from Andromeda Fashions can be customized to the smallest of details with logos, colours and desired designs woven or printed into the tie.

With the choice of fabrics that include Silk, Satin, Polyester or Teflon, the uniform ties will have the look and feel you want.

Our standard custom ties measure approximately 60 inches long with a width of 3.5 inches and you have the option of modifying the dimensions to accommodate your vision.

When you begin to design your uniform ties, our team of designers will closely work with you to capture the exact look you are searching for with computer generated artwork.

And if you have a personal mock-up of your company ties, we will gladly accept your completed artwork to work off of during the manufacturing process.

At Andromeda Fashions, we value craftsmanship to our entire collections. First class materials at meticulous quality control make our products look beautiful, and last long as well.

Minimum Order Quantity: 15