Style Quotient

The Great Shakespeare had once famously said, “Clothes Maketh the Man!”.

Style has come a long way since people started wearing clothes.

People often confuse Style and Fashion.  In reality, they are both very different. Style is more of a personality statement, a way or method people use to make a statement about themselves, whether it be a man or a woman, a boy or a girl.

When you look at a person and remark, “Oh, How stylish he is”, it clearly means very different from saying, “He is so fashionable”.

Style also brings out the unique personality in every individual.  Like they say “No two styles are same”.

Style is not determined by your strata in society or by the amount of clothes you have or by the size of your paycheck, it is determined by your attitude, your personality, your “X” factor.

Let’s do a small exercise.  Stop reading this article and think of two or three people whom you know to be stylish and then determine, why you think they are stylish.  In all probability, you will have the answer.  Try it, really interesting.  One more point, it does not have to be somebody who is famous or a celebrity.  Just close your eyes or think of someone who strikes you as being stylish.

Once you are done with the exercise, write the name of that person down and alongside write the characteristics you feel, have contributed to his or her style quotient.

You will also realise that a Stylish person is one who is interested in Life, takes dressing up seriously and is interested in him or herself.

Please do not mistake style with Good looks.   

You must have heard the quote, “You have a chance to make a first impression”.  Use your style and do it.  Go out there in the world and put out your style.

So, remember, when you step out of your door, make sure you are “wearing your attitude”.

Let the world know your style quotient!