The Four in Hand

The Four in Hand knot, commonly referred to as the 'Simple knot' or 'Schoolboy knot' is discreet and narrow. It works best with a wide tie and a more heavy fabric. It suits a standard business shirt, and is especially suitable for men who have shorter necks as the shape of the knot, being thin and long, gives an illusion of length.

To begin, button your shirt all the way to the top, and flip your collar up. Select your tie and stand in front of the mirror.

 Four in Hand knot step 1:

The wide end should extend about 12 inches below the narrow end.


Four in Hand knot step 2:

Loop the wide part of the tie under the narrow part.


Four in Hand knot step 3:

Bring the wide part back over to the front to your left.


Four in Hand knot step 4:

Pull the wide part up through the loop near your neck.


Four in Hand knot step 5:

Bring it down through the knot.


Four in Hand knot step 6:

Then gently tighten the knot and draw it up to the collar, and flip your collar down.