The Pratt

The Pratt Knot (or Shelby Knot) is a moderately wide knot. It is suitable for most occasions, and can be worn with any business shirt. It is best used with slightly wider ties that are made of a light to medium weave fabric.

To begin, button your shirt all the way to the top, and flip your collar up. Select your tie and stand in front of the mirror.

Pratt knot step 1:

Begin with the tie inside out (as shown), the wide end should be under the narrow end.


Pratt knot step 2:

Loop the wide end over behind then under the narrow end (like a loop). The back of the tie should still be facing forward.


Pratt knot step 3:

Tighten the loop by gently pulling the wide part down.


Pratt knot step 4:

Take the wide part of the tie over to the right. The front of your tie should be showing.


Pratt knot step 5:

Pull the wide end of the tie up, behind the knot.


Pratt knot step 6:

Bring it down through the knot.


Pratt knot step 7:

Then gently tighten the knot and draw it up to the collar, and flip your collar down.